About Calendula

We grow our own organic herbs to use in our natural bath & body products.
Calendula is a beautiful flowering herb known for it’s healing properties.  Here are some of calendula's known benefits for the skin...
Heal burns and soothe sunburns: Because it reduces inflammation and has antiseptic and gentle astringent actions, calendula may help burns to heal more rapidly.
Speed the healing of cuts and scrapes: Calendula is a common remedy for minor skin wounds such as cuts and scratches, helping the wound to heal more rapidly.
Ease the itch of insect bites and stings: Calendula can reduce the swelling and itching associated with insect bites and may even help to prevent infection due to its antimicrobial actions. Astringent actions promote healing.
We use our organic calendula in many of our products:
Natural body lotion— We infuse the harvested calendula to use in our body lotions and creams.  The lavender body lotion is great in the summer after playing in the sun.  The lavender, calendula and aloe vera make a very soothing tonic for sun parched skin.
Bath Bombs— We make calendula tinctures to use in many of our bath bombs.  The California Sunshine Bath Bomb has calendula petals embedded in the ball.  The petals will float on the water after the bomb has dissolved, creating a soothing herbal tea in your bath!
Natural Soap— Calendula petals are used in our California Sunshine Body Soap.  The petals gently exfoliate and soothe the skin as you are bathing.  The fresh lemon—ginger scent will invigorate and refresh.
Calendula certified organic by:  Guaranteed Organic Certification Agency (GOCA,INC)