About Us

Essential Addictions is a small business located on an organic ranch in San Diego County.  My name is Renee and I am the founder & formulator of Essential Addictions.  I have studied herbs, aromatherapy, cosmetic chemistry and perfumery for over 20 years. 

It all began in 1994 when my first child was born.  I wanted to use natural skin care products on him and myself but after delving in to what was available in the market place I found that many products contained harsh detergents, synthetic chemicals, petroleum based additives and paraben preservatives.  With a lot of research and experimentation I was able to create soaps, bath and body products replacing the toxic chemicals with natural and organic ingredients.

My husband and I grow many of the herbs that we infuse in our products.  Our handmade products not only contain pure nutrient rich vegetable and fruit oils (such as shea butter, olive,  organic jojoba,  coconut, organic palm, organic avocado) but we also use essential oils, organically grown herbs, natural coloring and high quality fragrances.  Our goat milk soaps contain fresh milk from our own goat herd that we milk daily.

We believe in creating quality products that are healthy for the body, mind and environment.  Our products have been formulated with love and care for our family and because of that we can proudly offer you an exceptional product of the highest quality.