Everything Balm: The Secret to Glowing Skin

You may be wondering, what's an everything balm?  Our Everything Balms are a multi tasking beauty fix.

It's a highlight balm! For a luminous glow, swipe the balm stick over your cheek bones, bridge of nose, lips and brow bones. This give the appearance of a dewy glow and also adds some extra nourishment for your facial skin.

It's an eye balm stick!  It's perfect for the delicate skin of the eye area and easy to apply.  Can be used above and below the eyes, leaving the skin soft, glowing and radiant.

It's a lip balm and so much more!  This versatile balm is great for all skin types and brightens, smoothes and protects skin. Convenient and compact, our balm stick is perfect for life on-the-go, whether you’re traveling or need a go-to moisturizer in your purse or gym bag. Accentuate your natural glow with our nourishing, moisturizing balm stick.

This all in one balm is also excellent for:

  • hand cream
  • chapped skin relief
  • nail & cuticle moisturizer
  • scrape soother
  • itchy skin relief
  • overnight cream
  • elbow& heels balm
  • eyebrow tamer
  • hair shine
  • tattoo care
  • insect bite soother
  • windburn protection

Our all-natural balm is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and essential oils. Essential Addictions balms are always free of perfumes, preservatives, petroleum, and harsh synthetic chemicals. Our balm sticks come in 2 different formulations:

Balance Everything Balm: Features argan oil, cold pressed rose hip seed oil and organic shea butter. Daily use tones, brightens, soothes and  balances skin’s oil production for healthy skin.

Nourish Everything Balm: Features cold pressed carrot seed oil and organic shea butter. Daily use nourishes, soothes, brighten and improves skin quality.

Whichever Everything Balm you choose, your skin will thank you!