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 Our new goat milk soap is made with raw goat milk from our own ranch!  Goat's milk is high in vitamins and alpha-hydroxy acids which renew the skin's surface for smooth appearance.  Goat's milk and organic oatmeal create a moisturizing soap that soothes sensitive skin. Our soaps are natural cold-process soap made with Coconut oil, organic palm oil and olive oil as the base.  All of our healthy soaps are made from scratch and cured for 6 weeks.  Natural soap has a creamy lather and is very moisturizing.

Customer Reviews (3)

awesome smell!!!!

This is my all time favorite, has a slightly sweet and clean smell!!

Best I've ever tried!

Posted by Paloma on 16th Mar 2016
First bought this product at the pumpkin festival in half moon bay. I have 3 little ones and 2 of them suffer from dry skin, nothing works, this helped improve that so much! I also used it for my under arms because they were dark, I read somewhere it was dryness and dehydration. This soap gave me normal colored underarms! This is my second time buying, and I'm hooked! Great product. Extremely recommend for dry skin.

Can't get enough!

I picked this up at our local art and wine festival, and cannot get enough. I love the fragrance, and how hydrated my skin feels after my shower. The lather is great, and I love how my skin smells throughout the day. My sister, who has eczema and sensitive skin, even uses this and hasn't had any breakouts. I just ordered 6 more of these! Thank you for creating such a great product.
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