Balance – Complete Skin Care Bundle


Crafted for normal, oily, combination, and blemish-prone skin, our Balance Skin Care Kit is completely natural. This carefully assembled kit contains an all-natural skin care routine for acne, as well as a skin care regimen to balance skin that’s not acne-prone.

Begin your regimen with our Tea Tree Complexion Soap, which gently exfoliates with organic oatmeal, combats acne and disinfects with tea tree oil, and soothes with lavender essential oil.

After cleansing, saturate skin with our hydrating Balance Hydrosol. Gently astringent, it tones, calms, moisturizes, soothes, and balances the skin. Mist skin throughout the day to refresh.

Follow with our pure Balance Oil Serum, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and essential oils. Rub a few drops in the palms of your hands. Breathe in the aromatherapy. Apply gently to face and neck, massaging into the skin.

Finish with our all-natural Balance Everything Balm. Apply to cheekbones and lips for a radiant glow. Apply daily to wrinkles, cuticles, scars, elbows, tattoos, and anything that needs a little extra moisture.

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Written by Elaine Toney on 31st Dec 2020

To say I'm obsessed with this skin care kit is an understatement. Ever since we've needed to start wearing masks outside the house it's been leaving my chin blotchy with slight acne. I've been using this product for less than two weeks but my redness has gone down dramatically and the acne has disappeared altogether. It's refreshing to know I'm using all natural ingredients on my face and I love the fresh glow it gives me after every use. I don't know how anyone could switch back to any other skin care products after using this line up.

balance skin kit
Written by juli on 9th Jul 2020

Love! Love! Love! No more dry face and cleared up all of my acne in less than a week. Highly recommend

Cleared my acne!!!
Written by Rosa on 10th Jul 2018

I’ve had acne for 11 years and the first month of using this i saw results! I am now on month 6 and I have never been prouder of my face. (My before and afters are on the Essential Addictions’s page on FB & Instagram so take a look for yourself.) I don’t even feel like wearing makeup anymore because I have nothing to hide. I love this kit and Essential Addictions so much <3 Im so glad I met Renee this product has really changed my life!!