Balance Complete Skin Care Kit

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Our 100% natural Balance Skin Care Kit is excellent for normal, oily & combination skin and clearing for blemish prone skin.

Begin your regimen with our Tea Tree Complexion Soapenriched with jojoba oil, and Shea butter.  This complexion soap gently exfoliates dead skin cells with organic oatmeal. Tea tree oil is highly disinfectant and is used to treat acne and blemished skin. Lavender essential oil is added for its powerful healing properties.

After cleansing, saturate skin with our hydrating and refreshing, Balance Hydrosol Face Tonic. Gently astringent, it tones the skin, calms inflammation, restores moisture deep into skin cells, encourages balance of skin’s natural oil production, soothes after cleansing, naturally allows skin to deeply absorb moisture without alcohol and restores PH. Mist skin throughout the day to refresh and hydrate.

Follow with 100% natural, Balance Oil Serumrich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils, known to balance skin’s oil production and improve skin quality.  This silky serum softens and deeply penetrates the skin without clogging pores.Warm a few drops in the palms of your hands.  Breath in the aromatherapy of the pure essential oils.  Apply gently to face and neck and massage into the skin.

Finish with our all natural Balance Everything Balm.  Apply to cheekbones and lips for a reviving and radiant glow.  Apply daily to wrinkles, cuticles, scars, elbows, tattoos and everything that needs a little extra moisture. This convenient balm stick is easy to use, compact for traveling and fits easily in your purse for daily use. 

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balance skin kit

Posted by juli on 9th Jul 2020
Love! Love! Love! No more dry face and cleared up all of my acne in less than a week. Highly recommend

Cleared my acne!!!

Posted by Rosa on 10th Jul 2018
I’ve had acne for 11 years and the first month of using this i saw results! I am now on month 6 and I have never been prouder of my face. (My before and afters are on the Essential Addictions’s page on FB & Instagram so take a look for yourself.) I don’t even feel like wearing makeup anymore because I have nothing to hide. I love this kit and Essential Addictions so much <3 Im so glad I met Renee this product has really changed my life!!
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