Bay Rum Soap

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This natural soap is scented with the old fashioned scent of Bay Rum and spices. The lime, cinnamon and cassia essential oils make a refreshing and natural deodorant. Our soaps are natural cold-process soap made with Coconut oil, organic palm oil and olive oil as the base.  All of our healthy soaps are made from scratch and cured for 6 weeks.  Natural soap has a creamy lather and is very moisturizing.

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I love this soap!

The fragrance of this soap has such a clean, relaxing smell. I am never satisfied with soap from other vendors. I always try to keep a stock of the Bay Rum soap. Love it!!

Nice Scent

One of the few pleasures of getting up at 4:30AM is showering with a nicely scented soap. Coffee comes in a close second. I usually order Sea Salt and Bay Rum and really like the product. Also its not just for women, both my wife and I use the product.
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