Hawaiian Bouquet Bath Bomb

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This island floral bath bomb is scented with Gardenia, Pikaki, Plumeria and Tuberose fragrances & Hibiscus flower extract. This fizzy bath bomb disolves leaving the Hibiscus flowers to float in the water and create a soothing herbal bath.  Drop one bath bomb into your bath water and watch it fizz as it dissolves into a softening and moisturizing, fragrant bath, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky.

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A floral fest that lingers on and on

Posted by Bath Bomb Fanatic on 5th Jan 2018
At first I thought this bomb would not be my first choice but after having tried it I found something truly whimsical about the scents that easily lifted me out of my slumber. I feel like I am on vacation at home. Give me Hawaii any day & any time!

Smells Like Hawai'i

Posted by Kelli on 14th Oct 2013
Got 3 this last time cause this one smells just like Honolulu in the early evening! Makes me miss it!
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