Stress Relief Shower Fizzer

smells like Spearmint, Eucalyptus and Lavender Essential Oils & Menthol

Our Stress Relief Shower Fizzer is aromatherapy for the shower, perfect after a long days work to relieve stress, tension headaches and fatigue. This stimulating and invigorating shower bomb is made with pure essential oils of spearmint, eucalyptus and organic lavender, 

Place one shower fizzer on the floor of the shower, just out of the direct spray of water for a spa-like, aromatherapy shower.

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Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Spearmint Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Menthol, Chamomile Essential Oil.

smells like:
Spearmint, Eucalyptus and Lavender Essential Oils & Menthol

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Shower fizzers
Written by L on 16th Nov 2020

I love all the scents of the shower fizzers....thank you!!!

Great Product
Written by Christine D on 5th Jan 2019

Enjoyed my first shower fizzer. It did indeed provide stress relief and helped relieved sinus pressure brought on by a cold. I plan to purchase more as this is a great go-to product when you need a bit of comfort and coziness.

Written by Karen T. on 7th Mar 2018

This is an amazing shower fizzes. I love the aroma and used this or the lemon grass every shower. Thank you Renee for making such wonderful products!

Written by CC on 14th Dec 2017

Love these!!

Written by CC on 14th Dec 2017

Love the way these smell! I keep them in our sock drawers until someone needs one. Makes the drawers smell good then your shower

Great Aroma
Written by Sharon on 2nd Jan 2016

I'm not a believer in aromatherapy, but I do like things that smell good. Just one shower and the aroma fills my whole bedroom for 24 hours or more. If aromatherapy works for you, it should totally lay you out. If not, the aroma is still worth it.

The name says it all...
Written by Essential Girl on 7th Feb 2014

I love this fresh aroma, it is soothing and a definite treat for your senses! An Essential one.

Top Seller!
Written by undefined on 19th Oct 2013

We carry all of the shower fizzers, but this is the one that won't stay on the shelf! Everyone absolutely loves this scent, makes a fantastic gift.