Stress Relief Body Scrub

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smells like: an aromatherapy blend of spearmint, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils

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This natural sea salt body scrub is scented with spearmint, eucalyptus and organic lavender essential oils.  Our natural body scrub is made with sea salts and oils to detoxify and exfoliate, leaving the skin revitalized and smooth.  We add Organic Shea butter, grape seed, coconut and apricot kernel oil and coconut oil to moisturize and replenish the skin for a natural healthy glow.

13 ounces

Ingredients: Pacific Sea Salt, Organic Shea Butter, Apricot Kernal Oil, Glycerin, Grapeseed oil, Coconut Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Organic Lavender Essential oil, lavender buds, Natural pigment, Vitamin E.

What is Body Scrub?

Also known as a Body Polish, The best Body Scrub is made with an exfoliating agent combined with emollient oils and moisturizers.  Sea Salt is an excellent exfoliant and also detoxifying for the skin.  Body scrubs are used to exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells leaving it fresh, moisturized, and smooth. For glowing skin, regular use of body scrub is a highly effective way to remove dead skin cells and encourage new cell regeneration.  Our natural sea salt scrub is moisturizing as well as exfoliating and detoxifying.

What are the benefits of Body Scrub?

Removes dead skin cells:

A body scrub sloughs the surface of your skin to remove dead skin and reveal new, healthy glowing skin.  Exfoliating the rough, dry skin brings out the soft skin below.

Promotes skin hydration:

Freshly exfoliated skin is more ready to absorb moisturizers.

Detoxifies your body:

Our natural body scrubs are made with detoxifying, mineral-rich Sea Salt. The skin is our largest organ, giving it a good scrub stimulates blood circulation, helps drain lymph nodes by increasing blood flow to the skins surface, and detoxifies your body internally. Unlike Sugar Scrubs, Salt contains magnesium which helps to reduce inflammation and flush away toxins.

How to use Body Scrub

Body scrub can be used in the bath or shower.  Start by washing your skin in warm water to soften and prepare the skin for exfoliation.  Apply a scoop of body scrub to the skin and massage in a circular motion.  Allow the natural salt crystals to exfoliate the skin rather than using pressure to scrub.  Rinse the scrub off with warm water before getting out and apply a natural moisturizer such as our Shea butter while skin is still moist.  Body Scrub can be used 3-4 times a week for fresh, glowing skin.

Why Salt Scrub vs Sugar Scrub? 

Sea salt is packed with numerous skin-healing minerals. Unlike Sugar Scrubs, Sea Salt contains magnesium which helps to reduce inflammation and flush away toxins. Magnesium, calcium, and potassium help to absorb toxins in the body and promote the healing process. The sulfur in sea salt is a natural antiseptic. A sugar scrub is...well...just sugar.

Customer Reviews (5)

Smells so good

Posted by Mecca Fratto on 26th May 2020
I love how good this product smells and makes my skin feel. I will definitely be reordering this and more!


Posted by Karen on 16th Mar 2018
Awesome product!

So Tingly!

Posted by Hailey on 30th Oct 2016
I'm about to buy my second jar. I discovered essential addictions at a strawberry festival and saw they were cheaper than Lush so I had to give it a try! Glad I did. I found that this scrub is amazing at curing aching muscles and your skin will still tingle when you get out of the bath! Such a cooling sensation!


Posted by Jeanette on 20th Oct 2016
The product is a great product, ,but in shipping the caps came loose and a portion of the oils leaked into the box.

It's Amazing!

Posted by David on 22nd Jan 2014
I have oily and dry skin and this really helps scrub away the impurities while leaving my body feeling both moisturized and refreshed!
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